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Canadian National boxcar weathering

Ryan Mendell shared a couple photos recently on a discussion list. I contacted him and asked if he could share his techniques on the Resin Car Works blog. Here are Ryan’s notes and photos.

I recently completed painting and weathering two 1929 built Canadian National single-sheathed boxcars. These are HO scale resin kits once produced by Sylvan Scale Models but these are also offered by Kaslo Shops.

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A Weathering Rookie Tries PanPastels & Colored Pencils


Bill Welch returns to the RCW blog with a beginner perspective on Pan Pastels for weathering freight cars.

I thought I would describe my first weathering experience primarily using PanPastels (PP) with a little assist from Prismacolor Colored pencils. The subject model was built 19 to 20 years ago from a Funaro & Camerlengo kit, probably purchased from The RPI Hobby Shop in Troy, NY. I used a photo from “The Bob Charles Collection” at the NMRA Library to guide me in detailing and decaling. It is painted with Accuflex paint using my Binks “Wren” airbrush. The decals I am pretty sure are Champ and I very likely pieced together the Dimensional Data with individual numbers to match this car. Continue reading A Weathering Rookie Tries PanPastels & Colored Pencils