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Gondola details

Bill Welch keeps our heads spinning with his modeling project shares on discussion lists. Here are his notes and photos covering some gondola details.

Ever since I saw the Greenville designed 52-foot mill gondola in Railway Prototype Cyclopedia (RPCyc) Volume #3, I have intended to build the SL-SF version discussed in the article. Since the FRISCO served Birmingham, Alabama, I consider it an honorary Ya’ll Road.

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Illinois Terminal class D drive

Sandy Goodrick photo from Mike Fortney collection, Class D south side of Morton, Illinois.

Frank Hodina, Resin Car Works chief minion, has been tinkering with a shelf queen this summer. Here’s his report.

I have several pieces of Illinois Terminal equipment that have been sitting for years. I got the itch to play around with a Class D motor to see what I need to upgrade.

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FGEX mini-kit underframe assembly

George Toman has tackled a mini-kit to transform an Accurail reefer to follow an early Fruit Growers Express reefer. He sent along notes on assembling the underframe so more people get their kits built. Here’s George!

I was one of the early registered attendees of the 2018 Chicagoland RPM and recipient of the HO mini-kit of details and decals for a FGEX truss rod reefer with a steel center sill. My thanks to Mike Skibbe, Frank Hodina, Ted Cullota, and others for making this mini-kit possible. It is currently available direct from Resin Car Works for purchase.

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Upgrading a Western Pacific 50-foot Automobile Box Car

Pete Hall has been busy working through a few projects. Here’s his update on a pair of HO scale Western Pacific automobile box cars.

I had two 50-foot MDC/Roundhouse single-sheathed automobile box cars with end doors that were lettered for Southern Pacific, but the bracing was wrong. They languished in a drawer until Frank Hodina sent me reprints of some old articles about this car. These cars can be made into very good models of Western Pacific (and others) 40000-series prototypes with some work. I owe a debt of gratitude to Frank and to those who have published articles on this process before me. Click on any image here to review a larger size.

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