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NYC box car weathering

Dick Scott shared a recently weathered O scale New York Central box car on the Steam Era Freight Car discussion list. He supplied extra photos and details for a blog post.

Recently I upgraded this New York Central boxcar I built from an O scale Intermountain kit in 1992. It now has new roof walks, uncoupling levers, flexible brake hoses, brass sill steps, and placards. 

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UTLX Class X-3 6,500 gallon tank car

Chris Vanko shared his progress on Resin Car Works Kit 4.03, a Union Tank Line Class X-3 6,500-Gallon Tank Car w/1937 frame. Here’s Chris with his notes.

I finally got it done! I deviated a bit from the instructions but have wrapped up construction, paint, lettering, and weathering on a Resin Car Works UTLX tank car kit.

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Illinois Central Square Corner Boxcar

Jerry Hamsmith shared an activity report on a group boxcar kit build. One of the final products is being switched on Jerry’s layout in the lead photo. Here’s Jerry with the details.

A few friends and I just completed the group building of Resin Car Works Kit #8.02. I thought I’d share the results. Each of us have different modeling eras, which affects the final outcome of our builds.

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