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UTLX Class X-3 6,500 gallon tank car

Chris Vanko shared his progress on Resin Car Works Kit 4.03, a Union Tank Line Class X-3 6,500-Gallon Tank Car w/1937 frame. Here’s Chris with his notes.

I finally got it done! I deviated a bit from the instructions but have wrapped up construction, paint, lettering, and weathering on a Resin Car Works UTLX tank car kit.

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L&N gondola builds

Jerry Hamsmith and his modeling gang have been busy with another group build. This time, they are working on a Resin Car Works Louisville & Nashville steel gondola. Here’s Jerry with the report.

A number of friends and I recently completed this build. Let’s start with some prototype information before we start building kits. The lead photo is a 1927 Pressed Steel Car Company builder image from the Bill Welch collection.

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