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Fleet building summer

Blog contributor Charlie Duckworth added a number of fine freight car models to his HO scale fleet this past summer. He started posting progress details to the ResinFreightCarBuilders discussion list on Groups.io in early July. Here are a few of Charlie’s posts.

Wondering what the group is working on? Too hot in Omaha to do much other than hang out in a cool basement.  

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Yarmouth Model Works AC&F Armour Reefer

George Toman submitted notes on his work building a reefer kit. Here’s his story.
I have always liked colorful reefers seen in freight trains or reefer blocks. Fruit Growers Express, Pacific Fruit Express, Santa Fe Refrigerator Despatch, and many others have caught my eye. When Yarmouth Model Works released their attractive Armour reefer, I could not resist.

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Swift 40-foot reefer – Sunshine Models Kit 46.17

Chuck Cover added a new reefer to his HO scale freight car fleet. He sent the following notes and photos on his SRLX 14950 build, seen above in Chuck’s Northumberland yard.

I purchased a Sunshine Models 40-foot Swift reefer kit about a month ago. There wasn’t a kit box or instructions, only the kit parts. I have built three of the Sunshine 36-foot Swift reefer kits and really like the red cars with the large white Swift herald. On my PRR Shamokin Branch layout the Swift cars service the Chef Boy Ar Dee plant in Milton, PA. I thought that this 40-foot car would complement the three 36-foot cars.

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