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Meat reefers

Resin Car Works’ chief minion, Frank Hodina, was inspired to pull models from storage and snap a few photos. Here are Frank’s details.

Steve Hile tossed a shiny new object across my path. He’s working on a Swift reefers clinic. So, I pulled some of my models out for photos. And I kept pulling them out. Then Eric said this would make a cool blog post. All of these reefers are Sunshine Models resin kits. I did created the original patterns for Martin Lofton to cast.

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Discussion list shares

Over the course of a few days, I have seen many people share their latest modeling on a few discussion lists. I reached out to the modelers for permission to share their photos and comments on this blog post. This follows the spirit of our Workbench Wednesday posts but is also like a virtual RPM. I hope these photos and details inspire modelers to open boxes and build kits. Click on any image here to view a larger size. Paul Doggett shared the opening image along with kit details in his comments below. – Eric Hansmann – RCW web guy

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Workbench Wednesday

C&O 70-ton triple hopper

Completed HO scale C&O coal hopper model

Bruce Smith shares an update on a Funaro & Camerlengo HO scale hopper kit that he recently wrapped up. Here’s Bruce with the details.

This Chesapeake & Ohio triple hopper model was fairly straightforward but there was difficulty in understanding a few details. Suggestions on the RealSTMFC Groups IO discussion list a few months ago helped clarify these details and push the model towards completion.

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