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Lehigh & New England box car kitbash

Fenton Wells displayed an interesting HO scale box car kitbash at the RPM Conference in Naperville. He shared this summary from his Southern Piedmont Shops.

One of the fun things about this hobby is the inspirational people you meet and one of them prompted this kitbash. Clark Propst got me involved with this model. He sent me a prototype photo and some in-progress photos of his modeling. I knew that I must build this interesting car.

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HO scale resin trucks

I shared a couple photos from the recent NERPM event with RCW honcho Frank Hodina. He liked Bob Cronin’s truck models and suggested a blog post. Bob obliged with several photos and notes from his processes. Here he is with the scoop.

My interest in trucks built in the 1950s and 60s dates back to my childhood and fits my model railroading era. I chose Sylvan Scale Models because they make HO scale resin vehicle models that are prototypical to the golden age of trucking.

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Rock Island 40-foot Automobile Boxcar

George Toman shared details on building a Rock Island car from the 161000-161349 car series. The model is inspired by the 2015 Prototype Rails Shake-n-Take project. Here’s George with the details.

When I saw a photo of the Rock Island 40-foot automobile boxcar from the 2015 Prototype Rails I knew that I had to try to build one. The original instructions can be found on the Shake-n-Take discussion group. You must sign up as a member to view and download.

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