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Multi-compartment tank cars

John Riddell sent a photos and details on his HO scale kitbashed, multi-compartment tank cars. We think you will find these most interesting. Here’s John with the info.

TCLX 2038 was built from three LifeLike Proto2000 8000 gallon Type 21 tank car kits. The prototype was one of an order of 25 tank cars built by Canadian Car & Foundry in 1920, as TCLX 2017-2051. TCLX (Transit Company Limited) was absorbed by Imperial Oil Limited approximately 1953.

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Resin Car Works SHPX acid tank cars


Jim Kubanick joins the blog crew with his first post on building a Resin Car Works acid tank car kit.

From my experiences, I believe that tank cars are the most frustrating resin kits to build. However, I recently finished two Resin Car Works acid tank car kits and found them to be a really enjoyable build. I did a 7000 gallon and an 8000 gallon car, both SHPX cars in sulfuric acid service. What made these kits different were the extremely well thought-out instructions and the excellent engineering of the kit components.

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