Building a GATX Type 22 tank car

Resin Car Works honcho Frank Hodina has been working on a new tank car model. Here are his notes and photos.

I like building tank cars, especially ones that haven’t been modeled before. One such car is an ICC Class 103, Type 22 built by GATC in the early 1920’s.

The model is based on a prototype tank car located at the Monticello Railway Museum in Monticello, Illinois.

I found an article and plans in the April 14, 1925, issue of Railway Review.

The model is a kit-bash of an InterMountain (IM) 8000-gallon ACF Type 27 tank car with resin parts to convert the frame into a GATC Type 22.

The conversion of the IM frame consists of removing the bolsters and end and side sills until all that’s left is the centersill and running boards.

The patterns for the resin bolster parts were created before 3D printing with styrene, shaping the styrene to match the plans. The resin bolsters were attached and then the running board supports were added from the bolster to the running boards.

The Type 22 frame consists of two 13-inch rolled channels connected along the top with a 3/8ths-inch cover plate. To match this, pieces of 0.015 x 0.040-inch styrene were attached to the bottom of the IM frame. Then the frame was completed like any other tank car model matching photos taken of the prototype. Handrails were attached to the tank before attaching the tank to the frame.

The prototype bolster.
Another view of the prototype bolster.

As per the prototype two tank bands were installed at each of the bolsters.

Painting was easy as the entire tank is black. Lettering were scraps from other models matching standard GATC lettering placement. Unlike the museum prototype the lines above and below the reporting marks were left off as this was to be a repainted car.

Next to build is an insulated GATC Type 25 tank car.

Wow. I hope that sums up many of your thoughts, too. Thank you, Frank Hodina, for sharing a very interesting tank car conversion.

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    1. Not at this time. The bolsters featured here were cast in resin but it is difficult to cast. Frank is looking into other possibilities. – Eric H.

  1. Nice work. One question, is that a polling pocket on the outside end of the bolster?

    Thanks, Erich

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