2016 RPM Chicagoland update

A variety of N scale freight cars and locomotives were displayed.

The 2016 RPM Chicagoland has wrapped up and many are in recovery mode. A big round of thanks goes out to Mike Skibbe and his crew to coordinate this year’s version of the popular prototype modeler meet. We have a few images to share and hope you jump over to this image gallery for a closer look at many other models.

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New kits at RPM Chicagoland!


The Resin Car Works minions have been working hard in preparation for the upcoming RPM Chicagoland meet October 20-22 in Lisle, IL. Yes, those dates are at the end of this week. Parts have come together, instructions are written, and many boxes have been filled with the goods. We look forward to debuting two new HO scale resin freight car kits!

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Resin Car Works boiler load

RCW boiler load built by Frank Hodina.

Blog manager Eric Hansmann steps in to share his latest build.

I picked up a Resin Car Works HO scale boiler load recently and decided it would look great on a Tichy Train Group flat car in service on my Wheeling Freight Terminal. The boiler castings follow a prototype Kewanee stationary heating boiler design that was produced for a few decades.

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