RCW Holiday update


Resin Car Works is experiencing a basic rule of economics with supply and demand at the moment. Demand for our latest kits has been stronger than expected and our supplies have dwindled. In fact, we have to temporarily discontinue the Missouri Pacific 50-foot box car due to very low parts inventory. We hope this kit will be available again in a month or two.

We thank everyone for their patronage and patience as orders are fulfilled. In this holiday season, it may take extra time to receive parts to fill the kit boxes and orders. If you have sent in an order, please be patient over the next month.

As a reminder, Resin Car Works is not a business in the traditional sense. Our parts are not imported from overseas. Friends assist with various production phases and parts are produced in small batches. Crew have full time jobs and families that come first. Your order will be processed as soon as possible. We are most thankful for your business. The demand encourages us to dream of future RCW projects.

The Resin Car Works crew wishes all of you a most happy and healthy holiday season!

A Milwaukee Road Automobile Box Car with Chad Boas Resin Parts


George Toman has kept busy with another freight car project. Here’s his latest work.

This project started with the intent of building a Milwaukee Road automobile box car that I had seen on display by Chad Boas at the 2015 Collinsville RPM meet. Little did I know at the time that there were at least four versions of these cars. I chose to build a PS-1 and a GATC version. Here’s a look at both prototypes, with the PS-1 on the left and the GATC car on the right.

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