Workbench Wednesday

Duryea cushion underframe installation

George Toman shared his latest workbench update. He’s upgrading a kit with Duryea underframe parts.

The Duryea underframe is a cushioning device used to reduce damage. The center sill can slide about 12 to 16 inches to cushion impact when coupling. This requires different mounting than the more conventional AAR underframe. National Scale Car has captured the Duryea underframe in great detail using resin castings and photo etched parts in their MK 106 kit that upgrades an Intermountain 1937 Modified AAR boxcar model.

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Beyond our control

At this time, Resin Car Works has suspended shipping orders for a few weeks. Frank, our chief minion, has tested positive for the coronavirus. He feels well but is under quarantine. If you sent an order, please be patient at this time as orders will not be processed until November.

We thank you for the support this year and look forward to new resin kit releases.