Layout Design with Nelson Moyer, part 5

Let There Be Light!

Nelson Moyer returns with another summary of his layout design and build. This time out, he presents some great info on layout lighting. Here’s Nelson with his update. Click on any image here to review a larger size.

Part of growing older is visual impairment, and at seventy-four “my eyes grow dim, I cannot see.” Even with my specs. Layout lighting is important to me because I need see in order to lay and wire track, add scenery, structures and details, and to be able to read car numbers if I’m going to operate. It would also be nice to see all the numerical data and chalk marks on my freight cars, since I went to great pains to put them there. The question was, how would I light the layout?

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Frank’s Models, pt 2

Resin Car Works Chief Frank Hodina returns with part two of his recent trackside photography. Here are his model notes. Click on any image here to review a larger size.

This is a continuation of an earlier post featuring some of my HO scale fleet on a sceniced portion of the layout. These were taken under LED lighting rated at 6500 Kelvin. We lead off this post with Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic 17016, which was a limited run Resin Car Works kitbash kit featuring an Intermountain car body, extra resin and etched metal details, and decals.

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GATX Type 30 Special Edition Kit Announcement

Resin Cars Works is pleased to announce the release of our seventh kit; GATX Type 30 Class 103/203 tank cars! These are Special Edition releases with production limited to a few dozen kits.

This kit is different from previously released Resin Car Works GATX tank cars as it lacks all the small typical parts like brake components, grabs and wire. Please note there are rumors of a plastic version of this car is in the works. We have no knowledge as to when the plastic product will be released. We’ve been messing with this GATX tank car kit for years and have accumulated enough casting sets for this Special Edition. Two paint and lettering schemes are available.

The kit consists of two-piece resin tank casting, one piece frame casting, and resin detail sheet. Also included are decals, Precision Scale Company brass handrail stanchions, pipe “T” and air hoses, Elgin Car Works etched tank bands and GATX tank car stirrups, and Plano Models etched tank car placard boards. The kit lacks all the small typical parts like brake components, grabs and wire.

These Special Edition releases are limited to a few dozen kits. These kits are $50 each, plus shipping and Illinois sales tax if you live in the state. Check the Kits page on the Resin Car Works website for prototype photos, model-specific details, and an order form.