Yarmouth Model Works AC&F Armour Reefer

George Toman submitted notes on his work building a reefer kit. Here’s his story.
I have always liked colorful reefers seen in freight trains or reefer blocks. Fruit Growers Express, Pacific Fruit Express, Santa Fe Refrigerator Despatch, and many others have caught my eye. When Yarmouth Model Works released their attractive Armour reefer, I could not resist.

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New hopper kit addition

Pullman-Standard photo courtesy of the Smithsonian Institution, NMAH/Transportation. Haskell and Barker Collection, Negative 6460

Resin Car Works honcho Frank Hodina was recently alerted to a prototype hopper that matched the RCW model for the Enterprise design, 33-foot, offset-side, twin hopper that has been in production for a while. Decal art has been produced and we can announce a new addition to the line! Kit 2.03 covers the KGB&W hoppers.

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