NYC 50-foot, drop-bottom gondola, part 2

Here’s part two from Jerry Hamsmith and his group building this recent Resin Car Works kit.

The AB brake system for this car is if nothing else, interesting. The drawings for the New York Central gondola, provided by the NYCHS, show a number of additions to the normal brake rod arrangement. The original drop doors required them to not be the normal straight line connections. Additionally, the reservoir and the control valve are next to each other on the same side of the car. This was likely due to the most convenient arrangement when converting from the original K brake system.

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Bill Welch

Our friend, Bill Welch, passed away on November 15th, 2020. Railroad modelers will gather for a celebration of his life via Zoom on Wednesday, December 16, 2020. The gathering begins at 9pm Eastern and will focus on Bill’s work in railroad modeling and history. Connection details are in the image posted here.

NYC 50-foot, drop-bottom gondola

Jerry Hamsmith has been working with a group of modelers and each member is building a Resin Car Works NYC gondola kit. He sent notes and photos covering the work so far.

When Resin Car Works released this kit, I was intrigued by Frank Hodina’s comment of how easy the build was. I suggested to some friends that we all purchase the kit for a virtual group build. I had three takers, so four of us planned to build along with each other and share our progress via text and email. Group members had different levels of resin kit building experience and I had hoped everyone would work together and make the build enjoyable for all. I believe this happened.

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Kit reissue!

Resin Car Works is reissuing the Illinois Central Enterprise design offset-side hopper. These were popular kits when first released in February 2016.

From 1937 to 1949, 12,000 of these offset-side twin hoppers were manufactured for the Illinois Central by a variety of builders, including the railroad itself.

This HO scale kit is a one-piece resin body and detail parts, Accurail AB brake set, Tichy hopper weights, and Microscale decals. Trucks, couplers, eye bolts, stirrups, wire, etc., are supplied by the modeler.

Visit the Resin Car Works Kits page for details and to download our PDF order form.