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Workbench Wednesday

Frank Hodina, chief Resin Car Works minion, has been building a few HO scale plastic freight car models. Here are his notes.

Here’s what I’m working on besides RCW models. I like pre-painted and lettered kits as they save time. Branchline were some of the best as the lettering is as good or better then decals. Upgrades to these models match a prototype or nearly so. The stock car is an old LifeLike Proto2000 kit. The others are Branchline kits. All were picked up at swap meets for about $10 each.

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Upgrades for Erie ARA 1932 Standard box cars

A portion taken from a 1952 Erie railroad freight car equipment diagram book.

Bill Welch has been up to his Xxtreme Modeler activities with recent projects. Bill sent the following update from his home planet.

I am currently on a styrene kit kick working on eleven different steel box car kits. One of them is an Atlas model of the Erie’s version of the ARA 1932 Standard box car, notable for its singular use of Buckeye ends along with a Viking roof.

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Uncoupling Devices

Adding uncoupling devices (cut levers) to plastic freight cars

Here’s a crop of an image showing an uncoupling device installed on a flat car. The original photo is from the John W. Barriger III National Railroad Library, a special collection of the St. Louis Mercantile Library.

Peter Hall recently sent details on adding a simple detail to box car ends. Here are Pete’s tips and techniques.

An increasing number of today’s excellent plastic injection-molded HO scale models come with uncoupling devices (cut levers), but we still have all those great models that need them. This article shows how to make simple attachment points and wire cut levers for those cars that need bottom-operated uncoupling devices.

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