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Upgrading a Western Pacific 50-foot Automobile Box Car

Pete Hall has been busy working through a few projects. Here’s his update on a pair of HO scale Western Pacific automobile box cars.

I had two 50-foot MDC/Roundhouse single-sheathed automobile box cars with end doors that were lettered for Southern Pacific, but the bracing was wrong. They languished in a drawer until Frank Hodina sent me reprints of some old articles about this car. These cars can be made into very good models of Western Pacific (and others) 40000-series prototypes with some work. I owe a debt of gratitude to Frank and to those who have published articles on this process before me. Click on any image here to review a larger size.

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Western Pacific 50-foot Automobile Box Car

Fred Jansz sent along photos and details for the recent Virtual RPM model collection, but we thought readers might want a little more info on these models. Here’s Fred with details on upgrading HO scale Western Pacific automobile box cars.

Triggered by a 1995 Mainline Modeler article by Page Porter, I wondered if I could build one of the lesser known Western Pacific freight cars. Their 50-foot, single-sheathed automobile box cars were built by Pullman in 1929. The WP rebuilt several of these cars in 1937 with as 15-foot wide, two-and-a-half door cars renumbered 19201-19250. A prototype picture of such a car can be found in the WP equipment book by Jim Eager.

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Northern Pacific Refrigerator Car

Lester Breuer returns to the RCW blog with a model that reflects an interesting prototype. Here’s Lester with the details.

Once again I am pleased to have the opportunity to share a build with you here on the Resin Car Works blog. A Northern Pacific Railway double hinged door refrigerator car has been the current project. Car 91606 was built in 1954 as one of the 91500 to 91999 series, Lot 1015, in the Brainerd NP Shops. The kit is mix of a resin parts kit by Stan Rydarowicz (Resin Parts) and an InterMountain (IM) PFE R-40-23 refrigerator. The Resin Parts sides and ends replace portions of the plastic model. Continue reading Northern Pacific Refrigerator Car