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A Milwaukee Road Automobile Box Car with Chad Boas Resin Parts


George Toman has kept busy with another freight car project. Here’s his latest work.

This project started with the intent of building a Milwaukee Road automobile box car that I had seen on display by Chad Boas at the 2015 Collinsville RPM meet. Little did I know at the time that there were at least four versions of these cars. I chose to build a PS-1 and a GATC version. Here’s a look at both prototypes, with the PS-1 on the left and the GATC car on the right.

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Improving Brake Details


Bill Welch returns with an Xxtreme Modeler update. Here’s his latest!

The Xxtreme Modeler (a.k.a. “The Reluctant Weatherer”) has gone off the deep end as he attempts to build 1/48 models (O Scale) in 1/87 (HO). For him this means trying to improve the “fineness” of his models by reducing the cross section of the parts he uses to detail his models.

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Freight cars for customers


Clark Propst has offered some different ideas on prototype freight car modeling. Here’s what it looks like from his point of view.

The way I go about choosing my freight car fleet could be best described as “Backwards modeling”. What is “Backwards modeling”? It starts with a Prototype designed layout with representatives of actual customers in correct locations. These customers are researched to find the type of materials they shipped and/or received. Real railroad documents are combed through to find freight cars that carried those loads. Once a list of likely candidates is compiled, the search is on for information about the freight cars and how they be modeled. When the freight car model is completed it will then bring or take a specific commodity from a customer.

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