Multi-compartment tank cars

John Riddell sent a photos and details on his HO scale kitbashed, multi-compartment tank cars. We think you will find these most interesting. Here’s John with the info.

TCLX 2038 was built from three LifeLike Proto2000 8000 gallon Type 21 tank car kits. The prototype was one of an order of 25 tank cars built by Canadian Car & Foundry in 1920, as TCLX 2017-2051. TCLX (Transit Company Limited) was absorbed by Imperial Oil Limited approximately 1953.

These early multi-compartment tank cars illustrated the individual tanks that would be hidden on later versions and as these cars were rebuilt.

SUPX was one of several reporting marks used on tank cars of the Transit Company Limited of Toronto, a subsidiary of Imperial Oil Limited until 1956. Photo from National Archives of Canada, PA149979.

SUPX 2028 was built in August 1920. It is shown in August 1937 after being repainted.

SUPX 2006 was built in July 1914. It is shown in May 1942 after being modified with metal bands covering the gaps between the tanks. Photo from National Archives of Canada, PA200595.
IOX 2035 is shown in a July 1920 CC&F builder photo. Builder photo is from collection of John Riddell.

An IOX lettering scheme has been available by CDS, lettering set 341. TMR Distributing has a limited number of these CDS dry transfer sets available. It is not certain if the CDS line will come back into production.

This is another model built from three LifeLike kits for 8000 gallon tank cars. The LifeLike kit frame was lengthened to accommodate the three tanks. Ladders and walkways are installed only on the left side of each tank, as per the prototype. The lettering is from Black Cat Publishing. Imperial Oil owned 51 three-compartment tank cars, some in service to April 1958. IOX 2031 was from a lot of 25 built by Canadian Car & Foundry in 1920.

IOX 2031 was from a lot of 25 built by Canadian Car & Foundry in 1920. The builder photo is from the National Archives of Canada.

In January 1939, Imperial Oil owned 1,118 tank cars and Transit Company owned 1,321 tank cars. A color photo of TCLX 2038 taken in April 1958 is on page 105 of “Trackside around Ontario,” published by Morning Sun.

  • John Riddell

Wow. I never thought I’d see models of these interesting multi-compartment tank cars. Thank you, John Riddell, for sharing your fine model work.

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6 thoughts on “Multi-compartment tank cars

  1. These were absolutely fantastic! I would love to see anything you could put up as to the construction of them, I have always thought multi-compartment tank cars were really interesting, and I think these are really really neat. I think you did a absolutely fantastic job of them, and created something not often seen. Thank you very much!

  2. Did these cars make into the US? Or are the strictly a Canadian phenomenon, speaking in terms of the late 40s/early 50s?

    1. This was not a “strictly Canadian phenomenon.” Union Tank Car Co. built 100 almost identical class BX tank cars in 1920, series UTLX 13450-13549. These Canadian cars served in Canada and would have rarely, if ever, traveled into the U.S.

  3. Those are some very nice models John of an interesting prototype. Thanks for sharing your work and some prototype information

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