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M&StL extended height double-door boxcar

Clark Propst collection

Ed Rethwisch shared a recent boxcar upgrade. Here are his details.

I was inspired by a recent Clark Propst presentation on the history of several Minneapolis & St. Louis boxcars. The prototype photo above piqued my interest as it was, at least to me, a unique looking car. I model 1955 and according to the April 1955 ORER, there were ten cars in this number series, all with the extended height.

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Upgrading an MDC classic

Fenton Wells has been busy working on several pandemic projects. Here’s his overview on a couple classic.

Back in the early 1990s Model Die Casting released a series of 50-foot, single-sheathed automobile boxcar kits. There were seven different kits with various door and end combinations. I pulled a couple from my kit stash and made a few upgrades.

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Santa Fe Whalebelly boxcar kit update

Resin Car Works introduced a Santa Fe Whalebelly automobile boxcar kit at the recent RPM Chicagoland. Kit details have been posted to our website. Kit instructions can be accessed through the kit Extras page linked with the kit details.

We currently do not have any of these kits ready to ship. More castings are coming! We have all the other parts and decals ready to pack.

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