Another CNJ automobile box car

I received this photo and the description below on the day of the previous RCW blog post.

I looked at the RCW blog post and it reminded me of a model that I built in the 1970s. I used styrene as the primary material and impressed all of the rivets using an old converted sewing machine. This was one of my earliest attempts at building a 1/4″ scale freight car using styrene. The model was equipped with trucks converted to 1/4″ AAR (Proto48) standards. The lettering was from an old C-D-S dry transfer set.

Sadly this one picture is the only memory I have of the model.  

Gene Deimling

Take another close look at the model and reread Gene’s note and let it soak in. Gene shares more O scale modeling on his blog. Several of his friends also share their fine model work. You should visit and explore his blog. I suspect the O scale modeling there will inspire you to move another project forward. Many thanks to Gene Deimling for sharing his photo and notes!

Happy New Year from the Resin Car Works minions!

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2 thoughts on “Another CNJ automobile box car

  1. A very impressive effort especially given the production date and what tols and materials were available at the time.

    Well done

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