Lemons to Lemonade


Last July, Frank shared a tank car with a misguided paint job. The model can be seen above. He has since corrected the issues and now has another car in service. Here’s what he did to turn a lemon into lemonade.

To refresh some memories, I was working on Resin Car Works Kit 1.04. I painted the grey and masked that area, then painted the rest of the tank red. The lower tank, frame and trucks were painted separately then the car was assembled. When I went to place the decals, they did not fit. I had made the grey area too wide and shouldn’t be any wider than the platform.

I returned to the scene of the crime and wondered about the work to get this model into service. I chose to hit the Easy Button. No, a big box office supply joint did not do the work. I repainted the car in black, which is appropriate for my era, and used a different decal set. SHPX 7004 is the result.


I think it looks better as a black car anyway.


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