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It’s been quiet of late at Resin Car Works. With vacations, trips to see family, attendance at RPM’s, and some minor surgery, there hasn’t been much time for trains. The Minions have been working on the release of several new kits and goodies.

Coming soon will be a mini-kit to convert an InterMountain 10’-6” AAR boxcar into a SOO/DSS&A square corner post boxcar.

Soo 136300
Soo 136300

The mini-kit will be a full kit that will include the InterMountain model, a replacement Red Caboose roof, Tichy AB brake set, resin ends and detail parts, and Soo Line decals printed by Microscale to letter the cars “as-built” plus later repaints with the large block SOO LINE. The DSS&A version will contain decals to letter the cars “as-built”, or with one of several repaint lettering variations, as well as the correct True Line Train Klasing hand brake. There will be very limited numbers of this kit due to the availability of the IM boxcar kit and the TLT Klasing hand brake. A bare-bones version will also be offered that includes just the resin parts and decals with the modeler supplying everything else.

The next new item will be a flat car load based on a Kewanee stationary boiler.

Several Kewanee boilers headed to new installations.

The kit will provide two boilers and etched brass bands to be used as tie down straps. The boiler is an item I’ve been trying to figure out how to model for years, but couldn’t. 3D modeling solved that problem.

Original Kewanee boiler ad.

Next up in our queue is a re-issuance of the Union Tank Car Line 10,000 gallon X-3 tank car. This is a rework of my patterns from the Sunshine Models kit to provide for an easier to construct model. The frame is a one piece casting with most of the details included.

The re-issued kit with include resin tank, frame and detail parts, brass handrail stanchions and air hoses, photo-etched tank bands and stirrup steps, and decals from Ted Culotta.

For the RPM Chicagoland show (the new name for the Naperville RPM) we’ve been working on a shake-n-take kit that has wide appeal. Components for this special kit are being developed and we don’t want to spill the beans yet.

In addition to those tantalizing prospects, we’re working on a Missouri Pacific 50-foot express box, a Soo Line 50-foot automobile box car, a modernized SFRD reefer, and several new tank car kits, including one from the Pennsylvania Tank Car Company. We hope your resin kit building appetite has been whetted but we ask for your patience as the various components will all take time.


15 thoughts on “What’s New!

  1. Lots of Good Things Coming. I do have a question, as I recently got back into modeling, what is Shake-n-Take? Is the kit availble at the RPM or part of a clinic?

    1. George, a Shake-n-Take is a clinic where the participants all work on the same kit. This has been a feature at several of the Cocoa Beach RPM events. Typically it’s a plastic model that has additional resin details to install in order to follow a specific prototype that is unavailable commercially. – Eric

  2. I still have 12 Sunshine X-3 kits to build. Now they will be obsolete.

    Dale Florence

    1. Those are never truly obsolete, Dale! I have a couple as well and look forward to building them. The technology, processes, and casting abilities of today have progressed from the time Sunshine released the UTLX tank car kits. Some components can be done a little easier this time around, that’s all. – Eric

    1. Phil, Frank says the initial kits will be 10K gallon cars. If they sell well, the 6.5K gallon cars will be a possibility. That’s all that is being considered at this time. – Eric

  3. Sounds like some interesting stuff coming. Please let me know about the Soo Line boxcar.

    1. Jim, The best way to know about new Resin Car Works releases is to subscribe to this blog. Scroll all the way to the bottom here and you can enter your email in a field for alerts on new postings. We will announce new kits on this blog first. – Eric

  4. Frank,

    New tank cars? Any chance you might someday do a 10K high-walkway AC&F, maybe a Type 7. I can supply you with general dimensions and some photos of these as they were used on the WP.

    1. Garth, Frank says the high-walkway and Type 7 cars are not being considered at this time. There are several other projects beyond what has been mentioned in this blog post. – Eric

  5. Glad you’ve taken some time out for some of the important things in life (besides model RRing, of course). The line up of new products does sound exciting – thanks for your hard and innovative work.

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