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GATX Type 30 tank car project

Frank Hodina has been busy bashing some parts to build a new tank car. Here are his tips and techniques.

General American built thousands of tank cars used on US railroads. The GATX Type 30 tank cars were built in the late 1920s and early 1930s. The frame was a design improvement that developed in the late 1920s and became known as the Type 30 frame. Tanks followed typical construction and could vary in size by gallon capacity or if it was an insulated tank. Some older tanks were also used on newer frames. For this model, I’m working towards a Type 30 frame with a newer tank and GATX straps and tank anchoring typical of the early 1930s.

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Resin Car Works kit update


As 2015 winds down, we would like to keep you informed as to “what’s happening” at Resin Car Works.

The Hooker acid tank car (Kit 1.05) is sold out as the decal stock is gone. Almost 50 of these kits were sold. That’s ten times the number of prototype cars that were built. The remaining acid tank car kits are available but can’t be shipped until we’re restocked with brass detail parts. With luck we’ll be shipping kits before Christmas. An update will be posted when these kits are being shipped again. We expect the limited stock of these kits to sell quickly.

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It all looks great until the decals don’t fit!

I present for you a fine illustration of not paying attention to what you’re doing. In this example, I forgot to follow the measure twice cut once rule.

I was working on a build of Resin Car Works Kit 1.04. I painted the grey and masked that area, then painted the rest of the tank red. The lower tank, frame and trucks were painted separately then the car was assembled. When I went to place the decals, they did not fit.

You did read that correctly. The decals did not fit.

I had made the grey area too wide. This grey band shouldn’t be any more than the width of the platform. I would have known this if I had test fit the decals to the area before masking the car. So I lost some time on this build. I’ll just repaint the car in black, which is appropriate for my era.

It’s a lesson learned on this tank car paint job. I know I’ll get it right the next time!