Can’t Leave Stuff Alone

Frank Hodina shares another tank car modeling incident. Here’s his story.

My wife is always telling me I can’t leave anything alone. I fiddle and change whatever I’m working on. Building a freight car kit straight out of the box, that just doesn’t happen. The same goes for the models that we produce at Resin Car Works.

Our first release of ACF Type 27 acid tank cars included a series that the Hooker Chemical company purchased in June and December of 1939. These cars were typical for this period having full dome platforms. The first such acid thank that Hooker received though was a single car order in October of 1937, HOKX 215. Unlike future orders this car did not have a full dome platform having an enclosed running board system instead.

I wanted something different than what others would be building from our 8000 gallon acid tank car Kit #1.05 The underframe was modified by installing additional pieces of 2×12 inch styrene to create a closed deck between the frame members.

The only other modification from the kit’s instructions was the elimination of the full dome platform and install short platforms on either side of the dome.

And “presto”! I now have a version that’s a little different than what’s been offered. In this case though, I was thinking ahead as the decal sheet includes the correct numbers.

Thanks to Frank for sharing another interesting tank car modification. I suspect this isn’t the last one we will see.

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4 thoughts on “Can’t Leave Stuff Alone

  1. Thanks for a great idea! I’d love to build this car. Let’s hope this spurs Frank and his Resin Car Works team to reissue the sold out kit 1.05 from which this lovely acid car was bashed. I will need two!

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