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Missouri Pacific boxcar group build, pt 5

Delano, J., photographer. (1943) C. M. St. P. & P. R.R., general view of part of the yard, Bensenville, Ill. United States Bensenville Illinois, 1943. May. [Photograph] Retrieved from the Library of Congress.

Here’s the fifth and final installment for the Missouri Pacific box car group kit build. Jerry Hamsmith summarizes the steps of getting these models ready to operate on our layouts.

During the 1940s, the typical Missouri Pacific (MP) freight car color was box car red. However, this shade of red had a slightly brown hue.

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Discussion list shares

Over the course of a few days, I have seen many people share their latest modeling on a few discussion lists. I reached out to the modelers for permission to share their photos and comments on this blog post. This follows the spirit of our Workbench Wednesday posts but is also like a virtual RPM. I hope these photos and details inspire modelers to open boxes and build kits. Click on any image here to view a larger size. Paul Doggett shared the opening image along with kit details in his comments below. – Eric Hansmann – RCW web guy

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Workbench Wednesday

Update from Frank

Resin Car Works honcho Frank Hodina sent a workbench update. Here are his details.

I had Monday off so I thought I’d finish up a couple projects for upcoming Resin Car Works releases. Then I got a little carried away decaling cars that had been sitting around.

Besides all the newly decaled cars, you might notice a few projects in the upper right corner. Yup, that’s the SOO 50-foot auto box. Plus a couple of other fun projects, a C&IM coal gon and the side for a PM/C&O steel auto car. Hmmm, what will become of these?

What’s on your workbench?