Workbench Wednesday

Update from Frank

Resin Car Works honcho Frank Hodina sent a workbench update. Here are his details.

I had Monday off so I thought I’d finish up a couple projects for upcoming Resin Car Works releases. Then I got a little carried away decaling cars that had been sitting around.

Besides all the newly decaled cars, you might notice a few projects in the upper right corner. Yup, that’s the SOO 50-foot auto box. Plus a couple of other fun projects, a C&IM coal gon and the side for a PM/C&O steel auto car. Hmmm, what will become of these?

What’s on your workbench?

6 thoughts on “Workbench Wednesday

  1. Lots of things are on my workbench, most recently I was making progress on the Owl Mountain Models flat car. But it looks like a Soo Auto Car and a PM/C&O Auto car will be on my workbench in the future too!

  2. I have several comalog and funaroo kits. It is winter and I am ready to tackle my first resin kits. Where is a good specific place for a beginner to be instructed on best procedure to start? Best resin release (soak,spray?) and so forth. Thank you in advance. The pics are great I’d like to get started soon.

      1. Thank you. I will attempt a new skill. Have had good luck with HO vehicals, time to learn something new.
        Ron S.

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