Kit Re-introductions

Model work and photography by George Toman

New castings have arrived for a couple of our popular Resin Car Works kits, so these are being re-introduced. The mini-kit for Pullman-Standard “Carbuilder” corrugated boxcar ends. This was the mini-kit offered at the 2017 RPM Chicagoland meet.

These resin ends can be used to modify an 1937 AAR boxcar to reflect a Chicago Great Western prototype. Castings, decals and a pair of the correct Tahoe truck sideframes are included.

Photo by Bill Darnaby.

A new mold has been made so we can cast more of the popular grain bins. These have been quite popular and prototypes can be seen around the Midwest. The models are 16 scale feet in diameter and about 18 scale feet tall. The grain bins come as a four-pack and are one piece, unpainted castings. There are no extras, decals, or photo-etched parts with this kit.

More new kits are coming soon!

6 thoughts on “Kit Re-introductions

  1. If they’re ever re-issued, I would be interested in purchasing four to six boiler loads.

    1. Frank has been thinking about a better way to produce a kit for the UTLX Type X tank cars. Other kits are taking precedence for production at this time. – Eric

  2. any chance of getting the ends in flat as opposed to the rounded W corner. kit-bash SAL’s AF-1/2 & B-7?

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