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New York Central Lines automobile box cars

Harold Oakhill sent a freight car update recently. He models the Ulster & Delaware Railroad in 1924, just before it was absorbed into the New York Central. Here are Harold’s latest freight car additions.

I just finished the final weathering of four New York Central and Michigan Central 40-foot automobile box cars (XA) of 1916 vintage. In addition to reflecting vintage prototypes, these are vintage resin freight car kits originally produced by Dennis Storzek in the 1980s.

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UTLX Class X-3 10K gallon tank car

Eric Hansmann picked up a Resin Car Works HO scale UTLX tank car kit at RPM Chicagoland and built it to kick off a new year. Here are his notes.

I decided to push my kit building skills forward by building my first resin tank car kit. After building several box cars, gondolas, and flat cars, I thought a tank car should be added to my 1926 fleet. The image above illustrates the main kit components, including the decals along the right side of the photo.

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Northern Pacific Refrigerator Car

Lester Breuer returns to the RCW blog with a model that reflects an interesting prototype. Here’s Lester with the details.

Once again I am pleased to have the opportunity to share a build with you here on the Resin Car Works blog. A Northern Pacific Railway double hinged door refrigerator car has been the current project. Car 91606 was built in 1954 as one of the 91500 to 91999 series, Lot 1015, in the Brainerd NP Shops. The kit is mix of a resin parts kit by Stan Rydarowicz (Resin Parts) and an InterMountain (IM) PFE R-40-23 refrigerator. The Resin Parts sides and ends replace portions of the plastic model. Continue reading Northern Pacific Refrigerator Car