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Illinois Terminal class D drive

Sandy Goodrick photo from Mike Fortney collection, Class D south side of Morton, Illinois.

Frank Hodina, Resin Car Works chief minion, has been tinkering with a shelf queen this summer. Here’s his report.

I have several pieces of Illinois Terminal equipment that have been sitting for years. I got the itch to play around with a Class D motor to see what I need to upgrade.

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Illinois Terminal Class B motor

AJ Chier sent a few images of his HO scale Illinois Terminal Class B motor. Here’s AJ with some details on this fine model.

I have been a traction fan, both 1:1 and modeling, since my first trip to the Orange Empire Railway Museum in Perris, California, in the early 1990s. Two years ago I was drawn back into the hobby, after a decade-long break, by the allure of DCC control and the advent of 3D printing. I learned a basic free web-based 3D design program called “TinkerCad” and began to design model kits.

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