What is an RPM?

Dave Owens coordinates the New England/Northeast Railroad Prototype Modelers (NERPM) meet. It’s coming up June 16-18. He and I (Eric Hansmann, RCW web guy) have fielded questions over the years about RPM meets. Many people want to know what they are all about. Dave recently posted a great RPM description on the NERPM Facebook page. Here’s his work.

Hello all:
I thought it would be helpful to offer a description of what the RPM meet is about. We’ve been doing it for so long I assume everyone knows, but that is not a good assumption to make.
I also urge people who have attended to offer their comments.
But here is how I view the meet, and I direct this to folks who have never been and who are thinking about coming.
The goal of the meet is to get people excited about model railroading and building their own models by bringing people together to learn, share knowledge and information and have a great time.
We are regular people. Some of us are more talented than others, but most aspire to be better, to produce more realistic looking models.
We do that by bringing our models to show and share. And we encourage everyone to bring some models — completed or in-progress. There is no judging, no one telling you that you are wrong.
We have clinics during which people talk about their layouts, models, or other topics. The goal is to share information and for the audience to learn.
Modelers of all levels are welcome. We especially welcome young people and those new to the hobby.
If you have any questions, post them in the comments.
Dave Owens

(From the NERPM Facebook page)

I think Dave’s note is one of the best summations of a railroad prototype modeler (RPM) event. Please share it with friends who want to know more about RPM meets.

More RPM events

There are several RPM events across the US this year. Check the RPM Calendar to see what is happening. Review the event websites and make plans to attend one near you this year.

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