New NC&StL steel gondola kit

It’s time for a Resin Car Works new kit announcement! The latest HO scale efforts from our minions represent a Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis steel gondola.

The NC&StL installed 150 of these gondolas in May 1929 and added another 1000 cars of the same design in the 1940s. Many of these cars remained in service into the 1960s under L&N ownership.

As with many recent Resin Car Works kits, these feature one-piece resin cast car bodies to ease assembly. Additional details and ordering instructions can be found on the Resin Car Works website.

More news!

Kits of our UTLX Class X-3 8,000 gallon capacity tank car remain available, although supplies are dwindling. RCW Kit 4.04 follows a series of prototype UTLX tank cars built in 1927 and 1929 with a longer frame.

Resin Car Works has a number of twin hopper mini-kits to upgrade your HO scale Atlas offset-side hoppers. The extra details and decals follow several 50-ton AAR standard design hopper prototypes. These are listed on the RCW kits page under Mini-Kits.

If you plan on ordering a new NC&StL gondola, why not add a couple of these mini-kits to spruce up the hopper fleet.

The mini-kit decals are available separately for $4 each, which includes shipping.

Ordering our kits is easy. Please download and complete the PDF order form on the Resin Car Works website. Send it in with your check to the address on the form. We don’t take credit cards or use PayPal in order to keep costs down. Those payment methods charge us a percentage of the sale.

Several kits are in the works, plus we will update details soon for RPM Chicagoland.

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