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Resin Car Works Illinois Central Enterprise offset hopper


George Toman is back with his second resin kit build, the recently released Resin Car Works Illinois Central twin offset hopper. Here’s George with his story

I started with a Resin Car Works Illinois Central 33-foot hopper, which has some beautiful detail cast into a one piece body. Being one to never leave anything alone, I made a few modifications to the standard kit.

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IC hopper kit update!

IC hoppers are available!
IC hoppers are available!

The Illinois Central HO scale hopper car kits are back in production. Thanks for your patience while we ironed out some production difficulties.

If you have kits on order, we’ll be shipping those first. Check out the web page for all the info. These hopper kits are $36 each, plus shipping. Decals are included. Please use the link on the web page to place your order.

And don’t forget our new boiler load and grain bin castings! These have been selling well but won’t be available forever. The boilers are shipped two per kit, while four grain bins are in a kit. More details on our website.

Thanks to all of you have have supported Resin Car Works. We have a great model in the works that many have been requesting. More details soon!


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Illinois Central hopper kit update

Hopper update.
Hopper update.

Due to issues with the casting process, the Illinois Central, Enterprise Design, offset side twin hopper has been removed from the kit page and is no longer available. We are working at resolving this, but there is no schedule as to when the kits will be available again, if ever.

If you’ve ordered the car and would like your check returned please let us know through the Resin Car Works email. Otherwise we will hold your check for a month or so until it’s determined if this kit can be saved. If it can’t run the kit again, your check will be returned.

Thanks for your support,


Illinois Central twin hopper kits

The latest Resin Car Works kit!
The latest Resin Car Works kit!

Resin Car Works announces their second freight car kit, an Illinois Central, Enterprise design, 33-foot, offset-side, twin hopper. From 1937 to 1949, 12,000 of these offset-side twin hoppers were manufactured for the Illinois Central by a variety of builders, including the railroad itself.

These are fleet builder kits with cast on grab irons to minimize the time and effort to get these models into service on your railroad. The kits are $36, plus shipping. Trucks and couplers are not included. A United States Army version is also available. Visit the Resin Car Works website for more details.