New hopper kit addition

Pullman-Standard photo courtesy of the Smithsonian Institution, NMAH/Transportation. Haskell and Barker Collection, Negative 6460

Resin Car Works honcho Frank Hodina was recently alerted to a prototype hopper that matched the RCW model for the Enterprise design, 33-foot, offset-side, twin hopper that has been in production for a while. Decal art has been produced and we can announce a new addition to the line! Kit 2.03 covers the KGB&W hoppers.

The Kewaunee, Green Bay & Western installed chiseled offset-side hoppers from Pullman in 1949. These were numbered in the 401-420 series. See the Kits page on the RCW website for ordering details.

Frank also found several sets of decals for the US Army version of these kits, so this is available again. The decal supply is limited and this will be discontinued when the decal sets are gone.

As a note, we have heard complaints from modelers who have missed our kit releases. Some folks found out about our kits after they sold out. Kits are discontinued when sales drop off. The molds for resin casting last through a finite number of production use. When sales drop and the molds are worn, the kit is discontinued.

The Resin Car Works minions do not produce extras to sit on a shelf awaiting orders. We focus on producing a new kit. We understand some people miss the announcements and are disappointed. The best and easiest way to keep up to date on our new kit announcements is to subscribe to this blog. We announce new products here first. Scroll to the bottom of this page and find the SUBSCRIBE button. Enter your email in the field above the button, then hit SUBSCRIBE. We currently have 327 subscribers who receive notice with each new blog post. You can get the new Resin Car Works kit news early by subscribing to our blog.

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9 thoughts on “New hopper kit addition

    1. Thanks for noting that, Mark. The KGB&W hoppers are Kit 2.03. I’ve updated this on the blog post as well as the number series. Thank you for the notes! – Eric H.

  1. I thought the KGB&W bought these from or used an earlier Illinois Central prototype.

    1. They were delivered new to the GB&W. KGB 401-420 were ‘tacked on’ to the Illinois Central order for 92000- 93749 (Pullman-Standard lot 5938) built at the same time. The KGB cars were lot 5938A.

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