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New Resin Car Works products

Pullman Standard Builders Photo, Lot 5805, Class Boxcar CGW 92000. Photo from the Mike Skibbe collection.

The Resin Car Works minions have been busy. The next release is an HO scale mini-kit that includes castings of Pullman Standard “Carbuilders” corrugated ends, decals, and a pair of the correct Tahoe truck sideframes for a Chicago Great Western boxcar. Continue reading New Resin Car Works products

Workbench Wednesday

Bill Welch sent a recent update with these photos. Here’s the scoop from Bill.

I am going to really try to not start any new models this year until I finish several of the many projects I have underway. Here is a step toward completing a Savannah & Atlanta ex-FEC rebuilt boxcar using styrene and Westerfield parts.

The model will be completed with one door open to reveal the wood interior. The floor is individual boards that have been distressed. PanPastels and colored pencils will be used to age the interior.

I started this project years ago but am embarrassed to admit how many.

What’s on your workbench?

Upgrades for Erie ARA 1932 Standard box cars

A portion taken from a 1952 Erie railroad freight car equipment diagram book.

Bill Welch has been up to his Xxtreme Modeler activities with recent projects. Bill sent the following update from his home planet.

I am currently on a styrene kit kick working on eleven different steel box car kits. One of them is an Atlas model of the Erie’s version of the ARA 1932 Standard box car, notable for its singular use of Buckeye ends along with a Viking roof.

Continue reading Upgrades for Erie ARA 1932 Standard box cars