StL RPM wrap up

Resin Car Works thanks all the modelers who supported our efforts at the recent St. Louis RPM event. We sold out of the kits on the table! It was great to see many of you at the event. RCW honcho Frank Hodina will try to attend the 2022 event

It took me a few days to recover. Several honey-do projects soaked up my time then I had to battle a failing hard drive. It’s time to create a few blog posts, finish a couple models, and update the RCW website for the UTLX tank car kit that sold out at the RPM. Don’t worry, more are coming.

I’ve gathered a few links to photo galleries from the RPM. These are always great to review if you missed the event, or if you need to refresh your memories!

The St. Louis event was a big success with 750 attending and more than 2,000 models displayed. The RPM calendar is frequently updated. Use it to plan attending an upcoming Railroad Prototype Modeler event.

  • Eric Hansmann

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6 thoughts on “StL RPM wrap up

  1. Eric, what an awesome even. I’ve been to many of the past Sunshine Models events where similar displays and clinics took place. You learn allot about many aspects of the hobby and gain new friendships. One thing I especially like is learning new technics to that can be applied when building a model.
    I’m glad to see the Great Northern boxcar being reissued. I would love to see the Santa Fe Reefers return. Is there any hope for this one being reissued? l think you are doing a fantastic job and just wanted to say THANK YOU!

    1. Thanks for your comment, James! RPM events are great opportunities to recharge your hobby energy. New friendships, techniques, and discussions are typical at all the RPM meets I’ve attended. As for the SFRD reefers, who knows? Frank has several other kits under consideration. Only time will tell. – Eric H.

  2. Eric, Thanks for the post and the links. It was good to meet you. One of things I enjoy about these meets is the opportunity to connect and put a face to a name.

    1. It was great to see you, Fenton! I wasn’t quick enough to grab photos of your models. I did take a look but was pulled back to the RCW sales table before I could take a few snaps. – Eric H.

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