St Louis RPM 2021

The St Louis RPM is this weekend in Collinsville, IL. Resin Car Works will be there with our web guy Eric Hansmann staffing the sales table. He will have a handful of the L&N gondola kits and the last couple IC and SOO/DSS&A square corner boxcar kits.

As a bonus, a brand new kit will debut at the event! It’s so new that the instructions aren’t finished. It’s a UTLX Class X-3 tank car of 6,500 gallon capacity on the 1937 underframe.

A formal announcement for the new kit will appear on our blog after Eric recovers from the RPM.

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2 thoughts on “St Louis RPM 2021

    1. Dale, it was a success. All RCW kits at the event were sold. A blog post on the meet is coming soon. – Eric H.

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