Great Northern boxcar kit reissue

Resin Car Works first released a kit for the 1937 design Great Northern wood-sheathed boxcar in early 2019. Several GN modelers have requested we reissue the kit. Frank Hodina has put this one back into production.

Sunshine Models released a similar kit many years ago. The Resin Car Works release has a one-piece body version with a correct underframe, new roof, and details. Decals are by National Scale Car Company.

Early and later handbrake hardware details are included in these kits.

The kit includes a pair of Tahoe Model Works Buckeye ARA 50-ton truck sideframes. The Resin Car Works website has additional kit information and ordering details. These kits are $55, plus shipping.

4 thoughts on “Great Northern boxcar kit reissue

  1. Hello…
    Do you think you’ll do any Western Pacific prototype cars or a Cupola Caboose or a Gould Standard Caboose?
    Richard Young.

    1. Richard, much of what RCW produces is based upon what Frank Hodina likes or needs for his layout. I’m not certain about WP prototypes. Most any caboose kit is a low probability as they didn’t travel as widely as freight cars. – Eric H.

      1. I’ve read somewhere that Frank models the Milwaukee Road – would definitely be super great to see lots more MILW releases!!

      2. Ryan, not quite. Frank likes the Milwaukee Road, but that isn’t his prototype focus. – Eric H.

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