Resin Kit Build Primer

We want you to move your kits from a bunch of parts to a completed freight car.

A goal of the Resin Car Works blog is to inspire and encourage modelers to build those kits that have accumulated among our hubby supplies. We know many of those are resin freight car kits. We have also heard many people ask questions on how to get started building those kits.

Bill Welch has crafted a step-by-step resin freight car to help modelers assemble parts a basic flat kit into a box. Bill guides the preparation of the sides, ends, underframe, and roof for a resin box car kit. We hope Bill’s work encourages more people to build those accumulated resin freight car kits.

Here’s the direct link to the downloadable PDF file. It’s just over one MB in size.

A resin freight car kit primer

The document can be also accessed via the Resin Car Works blog Helpful Links page. It’s easy to download the file by hovering over the link with the cursor, click the right mouse button, then choose Save Link As from the menu to download.

Please share the link with friends so they can build their kits. Share the link with your club members and your NMRA division. Post the link in newsletters, and/or add it to your blog. Share the knowledge so people can enjoy building these kits and adding a neat freight car to the fleet.

Bill will add another chapter to the primer in the upcoming months. This first part only focuses on building the box. Tips and techniques on adding details will publish soon.

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4 thoughts on “Resin Kit Build Primer

  1. Bill…. Your efforts are exactly what I needed to get me started! I’ve accumulated a stack of resin kits and was thinking I would end up selling them. Now I feel better about getting them built!

    1. Hi David,

      Sometimes with something new beginning is the hardest part. If you are not on the Resin Freight Car building group currently, I encourage you to join. Lots of support and knowledge there. Keep us posted on your progress please

  2. Very nicely done. Bill Welch is the man to call when building resin, and I admire his efforts to gain converts to the cause. Thanks, Bill!

    Michael Gross
    Pasadena, CA

  3. Thanks for writing this primer. Have built a few Westerfield kits but have many, many more to go. Looking forward to the next chapter. It helps to gather more ideas to simplify the process.

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