New kit release!

Prepped for the paint booth.

Resin Car Works announces a new HO scale freight car kit! Kit 9.0 represents AC&F Type 27, 8,000-gallon, insulated tank cars. American Car & Foundry built 151 of these insulated Type 27 tank cars between late 1929 and mid-1943.

We launch this kit with a Warren Petroleum version. The kit includes decals and a pair of Tahoe Model Works Buckeye A.R.A. 50-ton truck side frames.

Several additional versions will be announced as the decals and parts arrive.

Please visit the Kits page on our website for details and ordering information.

One thought on “New kit release!

  1. It’s a long shot, but were any of these cars ever used in molasses service?
    Why I ask: I model a Vermont shortline in the late 1930’s to mid-1941. In that period, feed & grains stores commonly mixed grains to order, often adding molasses. Since nobody could afford to spend money on feed when pasture was available, this was a winter-time business, but Vermont winters were long and deep. According to oral histories, molasses for this use would be shipped north from Boston in a tank car with heating coils. After about 24 hours connected to a roundhouse steam line, it would be hauled to the feed dealer for delivery into an underground storage tank.

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