RCW vacation

Frank is headed out with his family for a few weeks. Resin Car Works shipments will resume in early March. He has received several recent orders but castings won’t arrive until he returns from vacation.

Except for newly released kits, RCW does not keep kits in stock. Casting production is linked to kit demand.

UTLX 8530 from the 7500 – 9499 number series of 6.5K gallon X-3 class tank cars built in 1937. AC&F photo

New RCW kits are coming soon as winter turns to spring. Expect tank cars (yes, that is plural!) and another steel gondola.

Kit release details will be posted on this blog when these are ready to ship. RCW does not accept pre-orders or reservations. Subscribe to our blog to receive prompt kit release notices.

17 thoughts on “RCW vacation

  1. Sure looks like Escanaba & Lake Superior 5025-5033 (odd nos.), 42′ IL, 9’5″ IW, 4’8″ IH, but quantity and built date (05-1949) hardly align with your hints! Looking forward to this one and the smallish tank car.

    1. Not W&LE, John. They had ten side stakes, like the Accurail model. The upcoming model has eight side stakes and was owned by a large regional railroad running east of the Mississippi. – Eric H.

    2. I have a picture of a E&LS gon with eight braces and the proper end.
      Blt. 5-49. Been looking for this type of gon. All the other mfg’s have one more
      Or one less brace.

      1. I too would love the numerous NYC gons but I don’t think the ends are right for NYC and it was definitely larger than a regional road.

        For some reason I’m thinking something like NKP, Wabash or P&WV.

      2. Brian, it might be close to a prototype from one of those roads, but it’s not the primary prototype. – Eric H.

    1. To add to the puzzle, the prototype has been mentioned in a previous blog post here. They installed a few thousand of this car design in the 1920s. – Eric H.

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