RCW Update as 2017 starts up

Orlando E. Romig photo from the Carnegie Museum of Art Collection of Photographs, 1894-1958, Carnegie Museum of Art, 1998.65.2.

It seems like just yesterday when we released our second kit, the Illinois Central hopper. It’s hard to believe that was at the end of February. The Resin Car Works minions were busy in 2016 with several kit releases and 50 posts here on the blog.

The Resin Car Works blog was launched almost two years ago as a way to keep people up to date on new RCW products. But we also wanted to feature railroad model building on the blog that inspired readers to action. We hope you finished up a few projects in 2016 and broke out a few kits that have been sitting on your hobby supply shelf. The RCW minions firmly believe the core of our hobby is model building not model kit collecting.

We must thank several modelers who supplied photos and descriptions of their work in 2016. We can’t feature much on the blog without modelers working with us to present new posts. Their work has inspired us to move projects ahead, too! We thank the following modelers for sharing your work with us all: Lester Breuer, Al Brown, Paul Doggett, Charlie Duckworth, Michael Gross, Tony Koester, Jim Kubanick, Nelson Moyer, Eric Mumper, Bill Pardie, Clark Propst, George Toman, Bill Welch, Fenton Wells, and Craig Zeni. We look forward to featuring more railroad modeling as the New Year unfolds.

With a New Year come new models, too! We are catching up on X-3 tank car and MP box car order fulfillment. Recent heavy snows across the upper Midwest will slow deliveries. Your patience has been appreciated. With luck, we will have a new model available in the next month or two. We will post the announcement right here on the RCW blog.

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