This image was in a recent post on the Facebook Resin builders group. This is a Resin Car Works kit that did not travel well. As you can see, the package was damaged while in transit. Let’s review a few things if this ends up happening to you.

First, take photos of the damaged box as it was received. Then take photos of the contents. Matt Smith received this Resin Car Works package and snapped a few photos right off the bat.

Contact the sender as soon as possible to let them know the package arrived in a damaged state. They will need their Post Office receipt and tracking number of the damaged parcel. Also check on the company’s kit replacement policy and to see if a replacement kit is available.

The sender will need to file a claim in order to receive reparations from the Post Office. More detail can be found on this web page, along with an informative video.

As you can see, the kit was destroyed. There’s nothing left but junk. Resin Car Works has been shipping kits for five years now and, to the best of our knowledge, this is the first damage incident. We use U-Line “Indestructo” box mailers which are designed to handle some pressure, but this went through an extreme incident. Where’s that “DF” box when you need one?

Luckily, this time we had an extra set of parts on hand for Matt so he can add this GN boxcar to his freight car fleet. We wanted our readers to understand that things can happen after we ship orders that are completely outside our control. We know you can get upset over these incidents. We are working on different shipping options to cover damage. Follow a few simple steps to rectify the situation.

3 thoughts on “Ouch!

  1. Got one better. Had rec’d a RR CYC with pages damaged by the printer. Contacted the guys at RR CYC and they sent a new issue. They did not asked for me to return the damaged issue. But I sent the damaged issue to let them show it to the printer. About 3 wks later I rec’d a letter and package from our friends at the post office. The shipping envelope was neatly cut at the top allowing the issue to be removed. The P.O. ask what was it and did I want to persude it. I said yes, a few weeks later, another letter, sorry could find the item, etc. We must have a railfan working at the USPS.

  2. Priority Mail includes $50 of insurance coverage in the base price, and $2.80 to up that to $100. First Class does not include any coverage in the base price. For that it costs $2.20 for $50 of insurance coverage, or $2.80 for $100. Weight limit on First Class package mailing in 15 oz. If you ship single kits by First Class mail, uninsured, you can lose and replace one package out of every 23 shipped and still break even. (Assuming $50 is a fair replacement value for RCW.) I only insure packages valued over $300 and do not charge the customer as it’s protecting my investment if I have to re-make the parts.

  3. I greatly appreciate the information you published. I live in a remote area in south NJ, except of course during the summer when we are over loaded with inconsiderate outsiders. Well, most of my shopping is done via internet and I have had some nasty surprises.
    I now have some information that I hadn’t thought of before. At times I just wonder if destroying or just damaging packages is a right of passage for some delivery companies.
    Thank you again!!

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