Next stop, St. Louis RPM!

Resin Car Works honcho Frank Hodina is ready for a road trip to the St. Louis RPM! The lead image shows how the packed-and-ready kits have dominated a level of Frank’s HO scale layout.

Three new kits will be available at the St. Louis RPM. Two of these are acid tank car kits. While they seem like our very first RCW kits, they are not quite the same. These new kits have slightly shorter frames from a new pattern. These are also available in company lettering not produced before.

Here’s a look at a finished kit.

ACF Industries, Hawkins/Wider/Long collection

And a prototype builder photo. Charles Lennig & Co. cars ran with TCWX marks until 1947.

ACF Industries, Hawkins/Wider/Long collection

Pennsylvania Salt Mfg. Co. cars held the PSMX reporting marks until 1954 when the fleet was sold to Shippers Car Line.

Norm Buckhart collection

The third new kit is a UTLX class X-3 8K gallon capacity tank car with a long frame.

These kits are not yet on the website. Details will be added after the RPM.

As an added bonus, a few out of production kits will be available. These kits were run because the casting molds were good and there were extra decal sets on hand. You will need to visit the Resin Car Works table at the St. Louis RPM to find out what kits are back for a short run. If sales are similar to last year, most of the kits will be gone by the end of the first day.

Frank is looking forward to seeing many modelers at the RPM. We thank you for supporting Resin Car Works.

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6 thoughts on “Next stop, St. Louis RPM!

  1. hey 2 of those kits for st louis went home with me and talked a friend into getting one of the ic hoppers as well!!! all to be kitbashed

  2. The chances of my getting to St.Louis are somewhere between slim and none. It would be nice if Frank could list these kits and offer them on line for those of us who can’t be there.

    Thank you, Don Valentine

  3. I am still hoping that someone will make Standard Tank Car cars from the 1920-30 period. Both 10K and 8K gallon cars found their way into the leasing fleets up until the 1950’s. There once was a rumor that Tangent might do these cars but nothing has come of it in the last two years.

    1. Tangent has explicitly stated that they will produce the 1928 design GATC tank car (“Type 30”), so I suspect that it will come out before anything else tank-car wise.

      SC&F has done a few 8k STC vertical-course cars. If we can get STC 10k vertical-course, STC 8k and 10k horizontal-course, AC&F Type 11/17 8k/10k, PTC, and GATC “Type 22/26” cars as well as pre-1917 GATC cars, we may be pretty much set for the 1950s in terms of major groups of uninsulated cars.

      Then there’s the matter of insulated cars…

    1. Once the out of production kits sell at the RPM, they are gone. Only the three new releases will end up for sale on the website. – Eric H.

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