August RCW kit update

A 2021 St. Louis RPM image from our archive

The Resin Car Works website has been updated with currently available freight car kits!

Three new tank car kits debuted at the St. Louis RPM event. These new kits were featured in the previous RCW blog post. Kits info, images, and prices are on the RCW Kits page.

  • Kit 4.04 – UTLX Union Tank Car Co. Class X-3 8,000-gallon tank car with long frame
  • Kit 1.07 – TCWX Charles Lennig & Co. 7,000-gallon acid tank car
  • Kit 1.08 – PSMX Pennsylvania Salt Co. 7,000-gallon acid tank car

A few older releases are also available. There were extra decals sets available and the casting molds were good for a few more. These favorites are currently available but in limited quantities.

Kit 4.03 – UTLX Union Tank Line Class X-3 6,500-gallon tank car, w/1937 frame
Kit 11.0 – Great Northern Mid-Century 40-foot, 6-inch Composite Wood-Sheathed box cars
Santa Fe photo, Keith Jordon collection
Kits 14.03 & 14.04 – AT&SF Fe-6 through Fe-20 50-foot Whalebelly Rebuilt Automobile box cars with Reversed Murphy Ends

Again, only a few of each of these older kit releases are available. They are listed on the RCW Kits page at this writing, but will be removed once the extra stock has been sold.

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