New Kit Release!

The 1937 design Great Northern wood-sheathed boxcar is the latest Resin Car Works kit release. Frank Hodina has the first batch to sell at Prototype Rails in Cocoa Beach, FL.

Sunshine Models released a similar kit many years ago. This new Resin Car Works release is an updated one-piece body version with a correct underframe, new roof, and details. Ted Culotta created the decal art with printing done by Cartograf.

The kit includes a pair of Tahoe Model Works Buckeye ARA 50-ton truck sideframes. Check the Resin Car Works website for additional kit information and ordering details.

If you have sent an order to Resin Car Works recently, shipping has been delayed due to the holidays an Frank’s current trip to Florida. Orders will resume shipping at the end of January.

9 thoughts on “New Kit Release!

    1. Yes they are. I apologize for the delay. I hope to re-post all of the directions this weekend. – Eric

  1. Great News! Will they include only the Youngstown Doors or will we have the option for the Superior Doors as part of the kit? Also, will the decals be the forward, or the side facing goat? When will they be available for purchase for those of us who will not be at the Florida gathering?

    1. Paul, only the Y-town door is included in the current kits. If sales warrant, a version with the Superior door might be released. As for the decals, all three goat styles along with the newer “Great Northern” are on the sheet. – Eric

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