2021 RCW update

Jerry Hamsmith built these two RCW kits. Both cars were decaled and weathered by Chris Vanko. Jerry Hamsmith photo

Here we are in a New Year so let’s take a look at some Resin Car Works updates.

First off, there are a few items gone from our website. RCW Kit 12.0 Soo Line AAR Modified Design 50-foot Steel Auto Boxcars is no longer available. The kit listing has moved to our kit archive page. The NKP 008 decals for the 99000 series hoppers are also sold out.

Two RCW gondola kits sit in a yard with C&IW 560 simmering on the next track. The loco is a PFM USRA 2-8-2, detailed and painted by Peter Hall. It also has DCC, sound and lighting installed. Jerry Hamsmith photo

Lastly, there are only four kits remaining of Kit 15.0, the Milwaukee Road 48′-6″ welded composite gondola with drop bottom doors. Check the Kits page on our website for availability. If the kits are listed there, then we have stock available.


We have a couple new kits coming soon. First up should be an Illinois Central steel-sheathed, square corner post boxcar. A Louisville & Nashville coal gondola should follow in our release schedule.

If all goes according to plan, we’ll release the small dome 10K UTLX X-3 tank car and a reworked 6.5K X-3 tank car with both the 1917 and 1937 frames. The small dome 10K car hasn’t been done before. There were twice as many of these as the large dome cars. The 6.5K is just about a new model compared to the Sunshine Models kit. The dome on the Sunshine kit was too large at 54-inch diameter. Our new 6.5K tank car kit will have a 48-inch diameter dome. We have more info now.

After that, who knows. There are several possibilities. The best way to keep up with our releases is to subscribe to this blog. We post new kit release details here first. Scroll to the bottom of the page here, enter your email address in the proper field, and hit the Subscribe button.

Frank and his family will be off to Florida for a couple weeks in February. This will slow order fulfillment as well as new releases.

8 thoughts on “2021 RCW update

  1. I’m sorry to say I put out some incorrect information in one of the above posts. According to the 1944 NYC freight car class book, there were 11894 “8-stake”41′ 6”
    IL gondolas built, not 20000 as I previously stated. Still however the dominant group of this type car on the NYC in the late steam era. There were 2000 of the similar but not identical rebuilt USRA gons represented by the Central Hobbies/ F&C kit.
    Larry King

  2. How about the New York Central 8 stake steel gondola? There were as I recall upwards
    of 20000 of these- they were the typical NYC gon in the later steam years. Drawings and
    pictures available in abundance from NYCSHS.
    Larry King

      1. Not really- the Central Hobbies/F&C kit is for cars the NYC rebuilt from USRA composite gons. They looked similar but varied in many details. There were about 2000 of these so a significant class but not dominant like the cars originally built as all steel. Frankly I think we need a more up to date model than this kit anyway.
        LR King

      2. I am afraid I gave out some incorrect info on my response to this post the other day.
        According to the NYCS freight car class book of 1944, there were 11894 8 stake gondolas built, not 20000 as I stated. Still the primary 40′ gon in the late steam era. The number of similar rebuilt USRA 40′ gons was 2000

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