Workbench Wednesday

Here is something a few Resin Car Works customers will need. We were a little late completing the instructions for the new UTLX Class X 6.5K gallon tank car kits, but they are now available on our website. Click here for a page of extras to help build your kits. We will have images of Frank’s completed kit coming soon.

As noted previously, Resin Car Works sold out of the initial production runs of these tank car kits at RPM Chicagoland. Our minions have been working to produce more parts for new kits. A blog announcement will be made when we have more of these UTLX Class X 6.5K gallon tank car kits ready to ship. Thank you for your patience.

7 thoughts on “Workbench Wednesday

  1. Congratulations on the best documentation I’ve seen for a resin kit. The photos will be invaluable during the build. This certainly will be an eye-catching model in any train. I’m looking forward to building this kit during a long cold week in January.

  2. Excellent job with the history and prototype photos with the help of Steve Hile I am sure but nonetheless you gave us a lot of good info. The Instructions are easy to read and well illustrated. I really appreciate they way the bottom sheet interfaces with the centersill making it easy to get thing accurately aligned and square. As tank car kits go this will go together very straight forwardly.

  3. I love unpainted models like this… it’s almost a shame to paint them and cover up the craftsmanship!

    1. Dave, the UTLX Class X 6.5K gallon tank car kits will cost $65, plus shipping, when they are available again. – Eric H.

      1. Eric, please post on the blog (and or facebook) when they become available again. I’m doing some 1923 era modeling with friends and these cars would fit right in!

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