Whalebelly boxcar kits available

Resin Car Works has HO scale kits available now for the Santa Fe 50-foot Whalebelly boxcars. Visit our website for kit details and the order form. There are two kit versions with different decal sets, 14.01 and 14.02. The kits are $55 each and include Tichy Train Group ladders and brake hardware, correct Tahoe Model Works #112 USRA 50 ton Andrews truck sideframes, and Microscale decals. Please note the specific kit you need on your order.

We do not take kit orders via email. Please print out and complete the PDF order form on our website and send it in with your payment and shipping details.

As a bonus, RCW honcho Frank Hodina has created waybills for your Whalebelly boxcar.

Download this image file to print out and create a waybill for this specific car number.

These are Microsoft Excel files that you can customize for your layout and models. These Whalebelly boxcars were in dedicated service. The image above shows the freight waybill on the left and the consigned empty waybill on the right. Frank researched GM auto plants and found this actual car movement. Four cycle car/cards were note required for cars in this service. Here are the links. Right click to download these Excel files.

Tony Thompson has written extensively on using prototype waybills. Here’s one of his posts with links to typewriter fonts.

In other Resin Car Works news, the Soo automobile boxcars (Kit 12.0) are almost sold out. Only six kits remain. Visit our website for kit details and the order form. Orders arriving after the kits sell out will be returned.

With the holidays just ahead, order processing and shipping will slow due to family and work commitments. Please be patient as we fulfill your orders. We are now shipping kits with Priority Mail and your check isn’t cashed until the kits are mailed.

Coming soon!

We produced an Illinois Central boxcar mini-kit as a gift for 2019 RPM Chicagoland attendees. We have received many requests for these so our minions are assembling packages for an upcoming release. Almost all the parts are at hand. A release announcement will be posted here soon.

The parts transform an Accurail boxcar body to follow an IC prototype. The Resin Car Works mini-kit will include the Accurail car body and underframe with the new resin ends and parts. Decals, Tichy brake hardware, and Tahoe Model Works truck sideframes will also be included.

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11 thoughts on “Whalebelly boxcar kits available

  1. Any chance of the IC Mini-kits available for those of us with all these useless Accurail 6-panel kits hanging around already? (Thanks for doing this, BTW) – RJ Dial

    1. Don, a partial underframe image is on the Kits page of our website. The links in this post will lead you there. A full underframe image is in the first part of the instructions that can be downloaded from the Extras page for the Whalebelly kit. That is linked to the product info on the Kits page. BOth photos illustrate the model underframe. – Eric H.

    1. Bill, we want to focus on selling the mini-kits. A separate decal package might be an option but it could be a while. – Eric H.

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