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Stretching a Southern box car kit

Fenton Wells kitbashed a cool Southern Railway box car and sent details and photos. Here’s his latest model building story.

As most modelers of the transition era know, the Southern had thousands of 36-foot double-sheathed box cars with steel underframes and truss rods. Small as they were the railroad didn’t fill their cars, so they served the railroad through the early 1950’s.

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Southern Railway Pulpwood Racks

Southern Railway photo courtesy of Southern Railway Historical Society (SRHA)

Fenton Wells has built several pulpwood flat cars that reflect Southern Railway prototypes. He sent his prototype details and model building tips to share with blog readers.

Pulp and paper products were always major commodities for the Southern Railway. Their biggest customer was Champion paper in Canton, North Carolina, on the old Murphy Branch. Many loads of pulpwood and coal were delivered with finished paper products shipping out.

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