Resin Car Works kit updates

ACF Industries, Hawkins/Wider/Long collection

Resin Car Works has issued a limited edition of a HO scale acid tank car kit with DuPont decals. The model is from our Kit 1.0 releases but this DuPont version had not been produced. We only have decals for 35 kits so these will go quickly. Visit the website for details and the order form.

Resin Car Works is reissuing the very popular insulated tank car model. Kit 9.0 represents AC&F Type 27, 8,000-gallon, insulated tank cars. American Car & Foundry built 151 of these insulated Type 27 tank cars between late 1929 and mid-1943.

Photo and model by Pierre Oliver

With this latest batch, a version is now available to model the F. Pirrone & Sons wine tank car. Six model versions are available, including cars for Warren Petroleum and Paluxy Asphalt. Our website has the details and the PDF order form.

We have new stock on the New York Central steel hopper decal sets. This set covers lettering for 15 different lots of steel hoppers covering thousands of cars in the post-WW2 era. The decal set will fully letter THREE cars. Decal set NYC004 is back on the decal page and ready to ship.

As always, we are working on several new models. It takes time for our minions to develop and produce the resin parts, etched parts, assembly, and instructions. Resin Car Works thanks you for supporting our line of HO scale models.

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