RCW update

Time for a Resin Car Works kit update. Orders have been much stronger than expected for our Kit 11.0 reissue, the Great Northern mid-century 40-foot, 6-inch composite wood-sheathed boxcar. Please be patient as we catch up on mailing your kits. The first batch hits the mail this week.

Frank found extra decals hidden away to bring back another recent kit.

The L&N gondola kits with the Old Reliable slogan (Kit 17.2) are back for a very limited run. It’s the last call for these as only 18 decal sets remain. Download the PDF order form from our Kits page, fill out all the details, and send your order with a check.

Progress has been slow on completing instructions for the UTLX Class X-3 tank car kit we released at the St. Louis RPM.

Frank has been documenting the assembly with lots of photos. The document should come together soon. We will announce the availability of these kits on the blog soon.

Lastly, we needed to increase the postage to mail kits after the late August Post Office rate increases. Our bulk resin prices have also increased over the last year.

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9 thoughts on “RCW update

  1. Is there any chance RCW will release kits for PFE R-30/40-18 rebuilt reefers as hinted at on the resin freight car group a month or so ago? Now that Intermountain has become a black hole I see these as the only viable kit option.

    1. Dave, the PFE cars were not among the potential prototypes discussed recently. But, that could change. – Eric H.

  2. I would like to see a 12000 gal. X-3 car. It would be something different. I would pay up t0 $70.00 for this kit.

    Dale Florence

  3. Hello…
    Just wondering if you will do any Western Pacific RR prototype cars?
    Richard Young.

    1. Richard, we were reviewing upcoming kit possibilities the other day. Western Pacific prototypes were not discussed. Many of the models RCW produces reflect the interests of Chief Minion Frank Hodina. – Eric H.

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