RCW kit update and info

Due to popular demand, our Milwaukee composite gondola kit (15.0) is available again. Kit details and ordering info can be found on the Kits page of our website. Quantities are limited.

In other Resin Car Works news, we have been amazed at the strong response to our latest kit, the New York Central 50-foot steel gondola. We thank you for your orders. More castings have been received so we are ready to ship.

Since the model release, we have posted builder photos and engineering drawings to the kit extras page. Special thanks to the New York Central System Historical Society for generously shared these historic documents. We hope the files provide inspiration to build the kits and customize the brake hardware. We did not realize these cars had several hand brake wheel options.

Our R&D minions have been busy and more kits are in the pipeline.

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2 thoughts on “RCW kit update and info

  1. 1,000 NYC gons built in 1929 and 16 year later in 1945 only 163 were left? Was it a poor design or
    did they take that much of a beating during WW II? NIce kit anyway.

    Cordially, Don Valentine

    1. Don, please read the table closely. That’s 163 cars with the original steel floor, drop doors, and in the original number series in 1945. All others had been rebuilt and/or renumbered. Those are shown in additional rows of the table. – Eric H.

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