One from Frank’s home fleet

Resin Car Works honcho Frank Hodina shared this photo recently. It’s an HO scale resin kit produced by Speedwitch Media a number of years ago. Frank created master patterns for casting the parts. He thought it would be a good blog post to show readers that he does build models for his home fleet.

Frank created the masters for both the Sunshine and Speedwitch kits. The difference between the two is the one-piece body for the Speedwitch kit. There were several batches of prototype Wabash 40-foot, single-sheathed, automobile boxcars built in the 1920s. The last batch of these Wabash cars were 6-inches taller than the Sunshine and Speedwitch model. Martin kept bugging him to do patterns, but he just never got to them.

Our discussion started with a request for the Speedwitch kit on the Resin Freight Car Builders email discussion list. Frank dug through his collection and found the model. He said it was like seeing an old friend again.

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6 thoughts on “One from Frank’s home fleet

  1. Really nice car and it would be a great one for a kit. How about it Frank. It looks great on your railroad and I can picture one on mine. I hope this one makes to the kit stage. The Wabash is one of my favorites.

    1. James, this has been a kit. As noted in the blog text, Frank did the masters for Speedwitch Media. It is currently out of production. – Eric H.

  2. Thats a really nice-looking car. Would be nice to see it available again as well as the taller version

  3. That’s a great looking car. Which reminds me of the two OMI brass Wabash outside braced cars I have in my stash that should be painted & lettered with the Black Cat decals I purchased for them.

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