New RCW gondola and boxcar kits

The Resin Car Works minions have produced a pair of new HO scale freight car kits.

The Louisville & Nashville added more than 9,000 40-foot steel gondolas with drop doors in the 1920s. These were part of their coal hauling fleet but were often used for other loads.

The model is available in two lettering styles; the 1920s as-built version that lasted into the 1930s, and the later lettering with the Old Reliable slogan. These are one-piece car body castings to ease construction. Both kits feature split K and AB brake components.

The second release is a variation on the AAR modified design 40-foot steel boxcar. There are two eye-catching lettering variations: Soo Line and DSS&A.

Visit the Resin Car Works Kits page for details and ordering information. We do not take kit orders via email. Please print out and complete the PDF order form on our website and send it in with your payment and shipping details. Please note the specific kit you need on your order.

Frank is now shipping kits via Priority Mail. Checks are not cashed until the kits are mailed.

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